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How to read WhatsApp messages secretly on iPhone without the sender knowing

It is the ultimate self-destructing messaging app. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and is by far the most well-known self-destructing messaging app out there. You can set timers for these photos and videos to self-destruct once the person received it. This allows teens and young adults to share goofy or embarrassing photos without the risk of them going public.

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In a nutshell, Telegram is WhatsApp with the ability to self-destruct messages. There are a number of cool features you can use in the app. Its features includes a Secret chats section. This part of the app includes a self-destruct timer, which basically gives recipients a limited amount of time to read the message. Wickr is a private messenger worth discussing… for good reason.

Wickr has not one, not two, but five different encryption keys for every message you send.

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It goes above and beyond limits by not only encrypting the message, but by adding more layers so that the sender knows that the recipient is the only person to decrypt the message. In cryptography, this is called perfect forward secrecy. Cover Me is another cool self-destructing messaging app, for one main reason.

You can delete messages automatically, you can set timers for when to destruct the messages, etc. Bleep is another one of those self-destructing messaging apps that stands out on its own because of its features. The most distinct one is its ability to allow users the option to log in through their mobile number, email or to go incognito.

If you whisper something to a friend, they will not be able to take a screenshot of the chat history.

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You can only do that if you message someone. This part may remind some people of a Skype or Viber. Well, unfortunately, this list was about self-destructing messaging apps. Whisper is definitely an app worth talking about. Whisper displays the text and automatically retrieves an image from their own search engine; a user can manually upload one of their own if they like.

Whisper gets a lot of attention specifically because it provides an outlet for teenagers.

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  8. It gives them the freedom to share their feelings among other things without fear of judgment. Burn Note was one of the emerging self-destructing messaging apps that erased messages after a set period of time.

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    It started around the same time Snapchat did. Unlike other apps, though, Burn Note limited itself to text messages. Users could not send pictures or videos. Take a look at DatChat..

    Read Receipts Ruined Messaging. Here’s How To Turn Them Off.

    There are a two modes, on is the time you set and the way the message will be viewed by the receiver, and you can always change the Digital Rights of the message DRM to any message at any time, even after a few hours, a few days, weeks or even longer on any message sent to any device on this privacy platform.. More cool features are in the works. If you're not familiar with them, they're those little alerts below messages that indicate that they have been seen or read by the other party.

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    When Read Receipt is turned on, people will be notified when you read the messages they've sent you. Vice versa, if it's turned on on their side, you will be notified when they read your text. Some people like these notifications because they give a sense of an immediate and urgent connection with others. Others hate them because they seem intrusive.

    go site The common denominator is that Read Receipts force people to reply back as soon as possible and it depends if you see this as a good or bad thing. Either way, it definitely has its worthwhile uses for keeping virtual conversations flowing.

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    5. Parents can even use Read Receipts to keep tabs on their kids and have that assurance that each message sent is seen and, hopefully, replied to. Tip within a Tip: Worried that your kids have secret online accounts? Click here to learn how to protect them. Apple gadget users are most likely familiar with iMessage, the default text messaging app for iPhones. Read Receipts have always been a feature for iMessage to iMessage text messages signified by the text bubble's blue color and it lets a sender know if a text message has been read.

      Here's a fun fact: Green text bubbles in iMessage mean they were sent from non-iPhones and these do not support Read Receipts. Starting with iOS 10, they can also be enabled or disabled depending on the contact you're receiving the text message from. Messages can be used across multiple devices, syncing between them all when signed into the same Apple ID. Here are our best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of iMessages and its platform. This trick also works to get you back to your most recent message threads if you have scrolled down.

      If you choose 'Share Indefinitely', you'll appear in that contact's Find My app, and they will also see your location at the top of their display when they tap on the information symbol under your contact name in your message thread in their Messages app. A message will appear in blue for an iMessage and green for an SMS text message. Typically any message sent between iOS devices will be blue if the recipient has iMessage turned on but as iMessages also require an internet connection, occasionally you'll see them appear in green if you or the recipient doesn't have an active internet connection.

      Messages sent between an iOS device and Android or Windows device will always appear in green. You'll then have the option to playback your recorded audio message by hitting the play button within the grey bar on the right of the message box, send it by pressing the arrow at the top of the grey bar on the right, or cancel by pressing the 'x' within the circle on the left of the message box.

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      Alternatively, if it's a picture you have already taken you want to send, you can use the iMessages Apps. You can say things like "Full Stop" and "Comma" for punctuation or you can add it before you hit the arrow to send the message. The contents of the forwarded message, or messages, will then appear in a new message where you can add a recipient's name at the top and hit the arrow on the right of the message box to send.